Effective and Efficient Use of Public Funds by the County is Our Focus.

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Getting detailed about the County's mission in order to make it a reality.


The County of Imperial indicates that their mission “is to provide extensive, high-quality public services to increase the quality of life for Imperial County residents. The County’s strategic goals serve as guiding principles to build abundant opportunities for our communities, the county’s budget and much more to help our residents, visitors, and partners navigate through and utilize County programs and resources.”

This is a lofty mission. As an advocate for many of the Imperial Valley’s residents, especially labor, agricultural and business, the key areas for our focus are as follows:

  • Public Works— especially the county roads and bridges.
  • Planning and Development— to insure a fair and equitable treatment of all businesses
  • Elections— while a small department, its transparency and precision is critical to the process that enable each of us to have a voice in our leadership.
  • Air Pollution Control District— this is a quality of life issue, but its enforcement of rules established by the State of California and the U. S. EPA, must be fair and equitable to all businesses.
  • CUPA (Certified Unified Program Agencies)— Imperial County, as well as one other smaller county in California do not have jurisdiction of this enforcement agency of the California Department of Toxic Substance Control.   We strongly believe this control belongs to the County and will continue to push for it.
  • Environment Health Service— This department has oversight for the Illegal Dumping Task Force- for too long, we have allowed illegal dumping to continue. An effective and ongoing program must be established and maintained.
  • Budgetary Concern— Not limited to one department but a growing concern. The continued growth of the County with seemingly little regard as to the source of income should be of concern of all tax payers.