A reliable water supply is key to agriculture, as well as the residents, various businesses, & industrial users.



We strive to ensure the lights are efficiently on & the water is efficiently running.


IID’s statement is that they have “two core businesses and one overarching mission - to keep the lights on and the water flowing. These two basic functions of IID, both having to do with meeting our customers' essential needs, require extensive planning, teamwork and, above all, consistency.”

As an advocate for the customers of IID, we strive to ensure that the lights are on in the most efficient manner, and that the water operation is equally efficient.  While we made the decision during the QSA negotiations and subsequent settlements, to not address water issues, it is with growing concern that the water issues, especially as they relate to the Salton Sea, have an impact on all aspects of Imperial Valley.

Here are the current IID issues of concern by three key areas.

  • Energy

  • Water

  • Salton Sea