Calling attention to key labor, agriculture, & business issues in the Imperial County.


COLAB was formed as an advocacy group to address issues with the various departments within the County of Imperial organization.


IID Concerns

As an advocate for the customers of IID, we strive to ensure that the lights are on at the most efficient manner, and that the water operation is equally efficient.  While we made the decision during the..

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Election Concerns

As a non-partisan and non-political organization, COLAB does not participate in local, state, or national elections. However, as an organization dedicated to transparency and accountability in..

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County Concerns

The County of Imperial indicates that their mission “is to provide extensive, high-quality public services to increase the quality of life for Imperial County residents. The County’s strategic goals..

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Ways To Help

Community involvement is the fuel for change. We are here to fuel your fire—and be the instrument of change.

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